Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Winter Morning/ A Winter Morning in Bangladesh/The Beautiful winter Morning in Bangladesh

A winter morning is a cold morning. Ours is a hot country. So winter morning is not as cold as that of a cold country. It is not bright as a spring morning or a summer morning in our country. Its light is mellow on most days. The rays of the morning sun have to come through a film of mist. Nature outlines of natural objects  lend a mysterious aspect to the. This is a refreshing change from the usual bright mornings of other seasons in Bangladesh. People wear warm clothes of various kinds coats, trousers, pullovers, wrappers, etc. Some people bask in the sun wherever it is available. One special aspect of a winter morning is the way of warming oneself. People gather dry twigs, hay, waste paper and even old rubber-tires and light fire with them. They sit around it, and engage in pleasant gossips. Sometimes accidents happen; somebody’s dress ends catch fire. So people have to be very careful in such a situation. A winter morning brings distress to the poor people, though it is pleasant for the rich. In a winter morning housewife’s make delicious and sweet cakes, pies of date juice and many other things.    


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