Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Season In Bangladesh/ The Six Season In Bangladesh

There is summer all the year round. But in Bangladesh, there are six seasons such as summer, the rainy season, early autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. These season come one after another in a regular cycle. Each season has its own beauty and features. Each of them appears with it’s own beauty, color, sights and sounds. We can feel only some delicate shades of difference between any season and its next counterpart. Summer is the first season of the year comprising the months of Baishakh and Jaistha when the weather is warmest. The whole atmosphere turns dry and sultry. ponds and rivers run dry. People often suffer from the breath of drinking water. The rainy season is the second season in Bangladesh. The months of Ashar and Sravan make this season. This season is characterized by heavy showers of rain. Sometime it rains incessantly for days together. As a result, the ponds, canals and rivers which run dry in summer become full of water. Floods often cause massive destruction of crops, life and property. The third season of Bangladesh in autumn which comprises the months of Bhadra and Ashwin. Black clouds suddenly disappear and rafits of white clouds are seen floating in the clean blue sky. The next two months of kartik and agrahyan make the season of late Autumn or ‘Hemata’ in Bangladesh. It usually arrives with a sign of peace and prosperity. Nature now looks more gay and festive. The next season is obviously winter which comprises the two months of Poush and magh. It is also a season of fog and mist. Rich people wear warm clothes to protect themselves from the biting and shivering cold but the misery of the poor people who cannot afford to buy warm clothes knows no bound, spring is actually the last and best season coming between winter and summer. This season is neither very cold nor very warm. It is just moderate and enjoyable. We can hear the sweet melodious song of cuckoos in  this season. The six seasons in Bangladesh come one after another following a fixed routine of nature. Each season has its own features. Every season is welcome to us if they can avoid their extreme furies.


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