Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A day Labourer for School/College/University

A day labourer is he who does heavy manual labour in various fields. he is quite known to all. He is to be healthy. Strong and stout. He lives with his family in a slum, he gets up early in the morning and goes out in search of work. 

He works hard from dawn to dusk for his employer and gets his wages at evening. A day labourer works in an agricultural field, in construction site, in railway station, a bus terminal site, a ferry ghat, launch terminal etc. Though a day labourer is engaged in heavy manual work, he is always neglected and his work is not evaluated. Rather he is looked down upon in our society. He has to struggle for his existence. A day labourer works under an employer, after a hard work for the market to buy some rice and vegetables. Then he returns home cooks food and has his meals with his family. He earns by the sweat of his brow. If he cannot manage work on any day, he has to starve with his family. He does not know how to take rest. If he is ill, he does not get proper treatment. He cannot send his children to school. He can not buy good clothes. He put on shabby dress. A day labourer is always ill-fed and ill-clad. He is burden with a big family. When he becomes old ad cannot work, he has to drag a miserable life. He is not hold in due respect. So we should have soft feeling for him so that he can lead a decent life with dignity. A day labourer are very helpful for our country. We all should respect his for his helpful working.


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