Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Liberation War

  The name of our country is Bangladesh. Before 1971 it was known as East Pakistan. Then we were the part of then Pakistan. They started to oppress us in many ways. The contradiction of the two Pakistans , the racial oppression and the exploitation of the West over the East was gradually unveiled. The struggle for the consciousness of identity and cultural freedom which began with the  advent of the student movements of the  60's  gained  momentum in the mass movement of 1969. Though it brought about the  fall of a mighty military ruler like Ayub Khan, the  ultimate goal was not achieved. After this, came the election of 1970 with absolute victory  of Sheikh Mujibur  Rahaman.They did not give our rights. On 25th March 1971 the Pakistani army invaded our mother land. They killed many people and injured a lot. Many women were tortured by them. Many people fled to India to survive. But people could not bear any more. They made themselves ready to protect the invaded army. Many common people, with the help of Indian government, fought against them. They fought for Liberation. So it is called Liberation War of Bangladesh. Then Sheikh Mujub was the leader and General Ataul Gani Osmani was the Army Chief. People fought for nine month and after nine month we received our liberation. But it took lives of more than thirty lakh of people. Now we are a free nation. We remember the freedom fighter with great respect.


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