Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Load Shading

Load Shading is the suspension of electricity supply on certain lines when demand is greater.  It occurs in various way and it has many useful thing. The production of mills and factories depends on continuous supply of power. Mills and factories are empowered by electricity. So electricity is the driving force of modern civilization. But frequent load shedding is causing a great disturbance to the production of goods. In our country it becomes regular affair during the summer season. There are many reasons why extreme load shedding happens. The main cause is the insufficient production of electricity in the country. Misuse of electricity is another major cause. Illegal consumption of electricity also adds to load shedding problem. In spite of sincere effort government cannot increase the production of electricity for the lack of proper logistic support. However the lack of electricity means a great loss in industrial production. When production in mills and factories reduces to a great extent the development of the country is hampered. Our food items preserved in refrigerator gets rotten. The whole locality is plunged into darkness. Sometimes the whole country merges into darkness due to major grid failure. Miscreants are encouraged to commit violent occurrences during load shedding at night. It also disturbs the study of the students. Students, parents and industrial sector are the worst sufferer of load shedding. Finally load shedding affects the economy of our country. So the government should establish more power houses to solve this problem. Illegal consumption of electricity, undue use of power also is checked. Besides, the people of our country have to be conscious about the misuse of electricity. 


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