Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology university is one of the public university in north-west  Bangladesh. It was established in 1999 at Dinajpur in Bangladesh. Formerly it was once an Agricultural Extension training Institute followed by Hajee Mohammad Agricultural college 1988-1999. It is the second science and Technology University in the Northwest Bangladesh. There are 7 faculties which offer 18 degrees for under graduate level where the post graduate studies faculty for MS and PHD degrees. The University of HSTU has a beautiful campus. Far from the din and noise of the city. If enjoys a calm and quiet natural atmosphere. It is quite  a big campus with an area of about 85 cares. It is burdened by a road in the west. The Administration building of the University with a nice garden in font of it faces the main gate and in surrounded by many other building. The building are all many other buildings. The building are all connected with one another by a vast network of streets. The rows of different kinds of trees on each side of the streets contribute greatly to the beauty of the campus. If is further enhanced by the green fields, beautiful gardens and purple breast scattered where and there in the campus. At night the whole campus is lighted by innumerable electric bulbs and  then it appears wonderful to the travelling viewers. In face, this campus has a wonderful science beauty. There are six dormitory in HSTU Campus. Among them three dormitory for female. Halls are headed by a provost who is insisted by house tutors and assistant house tutors. There are many students organization in HSTU campus. Such as ESA, ABS, SAFF, BSWF, CSEA, Senjuty sangskritik Oikko, HSTU the university organizes sports and another extra curriculum activities and relational activities the university Library, the medical centre offers free medical service to students, teachers, staff and family members of the teachers and staff. 


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