Wednesday, March 16, 2016

First day at University/ My First At University/ Fist time Feeling going to University

My first day at University is a very especial day for me. I shall never forget this day. From my school days I heard at lot about university life. Form my University going brother and sisters. I formed a very romantic impression of a university life. At last the cherished day came. It was 22 February 2015. My joys knew no bounds I put on my new dress and started for the famous university, “Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University” at 9. a.m. I was charmed to see the beautiful building of our university. The whole campus was crowded by lots of young pupils both male  and female. They were all unknown to me. I felt very lonely. I was moving there and there. I was in a fix where to go. At last I found one of my friends. I was relieved. The environment of the campus was very good. The senior brothers and sisters  were very helpful. They helped me to find out my class room. I went to the room No 143. After a while a well dressed handsome gentleman entered into the room. He was our professor of English. he spoke to us very softly in simple and clear English. I liked his speech very much because his speech was meaningful. I listened to him with undivided attention. I am very happy and feel proud of my University.


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