Thursday, March 17, 2016

Digital Bangladesh/by aksahreja

 Digital Bangladesh
Introduction: “Digital Bangladesh” means digitalizing Bangladesh by ensuring an ICT based society where information will be available online and where all the possible tasks of government and other no-government or semi government will be performed using digital technology. “Digital Bangladesh” also indicates to such a Bangladesh where all the activities of agriculture, education, commerce, medical, communication etc will be powered by computer and internet. The concept of “Digital Bangladesh” was an election manifesto 2008). On the eve of the 9th National parliamentary election, one of the major political parties, Bangladesh Awai league has declared to develop Bangladesh into a digital country by the next decade. As a result making a digital Bangladesh by 2021 has become one of the commitments of the present government. For implementing this dream of Digital Bangladesh, government has to take certain initiative. 

Necessity of Digital Bangladesh: The benefits of digital Bangladesh are many. If Bangladesh can be established a digital, Corruption will be drastically reduced. Besides, it will save people’s time and money and will make people more enterprising and thus will reduce unemployment problem. It will connect people with the whole word economically, politically, socially, academically and even culturally. It will open doors for the people to improve their conditions. It will also improve banking and financial activities. Money transfer and transaction of business could be made within seconds by clicking the mouse of a computer. People could be reached from one district to another district within a single moment. Agriculture, health, education commerce, information and communication, residence, entertainment all these sectors will be highly benefited by making “Digital Bangladesh”.

Agriculture Sector: Ours is an old based country. More than 80% of the people of our country depend on agriculture for their livelihood. But they are ignorant of the more method of cultivation where the developed countries of the world have championed in these fields by using the boons of mechanized method of cultivation. By the touch of innovative technology, the farmers will use all types of modern motorized tools instead of traditional equipments and their hand driven tools to cultivate their lands. They will have to get ample online help about producing more and more crops.

ICT development : ICT is the backbone of any digital initiative. ICT covers the vast area of information technology and the communication technology without ICT development the dream of digital Bangladesh would be only a dream for the total nation. One thing must be mentioned that ICT is only a technology and a technology could not be functional without a person behind. Philosophically convinced persons are the driving force in establishing an idea in society and state. “Digital Bangladesh” is an idea that includes the IT use for management, administration and governance to ensure transparency, accountability and answerability at all levels of society and state. Building of an IT educated workforce is the most important segment of digital Bangladesh initiative. It has already been told that technology is important but not works without a person behind. For a future Bangladesh ICT development is significantly important. It is another truth that ICT sector could not be developed over night but good beginning is essential which will build our expected “ Digital Bangladesh” by creating and managing human resource

Medical Sector: Riority action for this sector are to develop a nationwide integrated health record system. Strengthen the fledgling telemedicine network (now available only in the private sector at a high cost) and launch mobile health units with simple test kits and let connectivity to specialized centers. ICT enabled health care service delivery and capacity building of ten of thousands of semi-skilled health workers around the country. Significantly reduce infant and material mortality currently a 54% and 3.8% respectively, to the 2021 target levels of 1.5% for both rates. Critical observation indicates that in both cases in mozzarellas term top and bottom of the pyramid have been bridged through ICTAD hyperventilation.

Educational Sector: Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to establish our desirable “Digital Bangladesh” Government should take steps to spread ICT education throughout the country. We should hare computer based education. Computer based education should be imparted to the students of primary, secondary, Higher secondary and Higher education. We can make video of our teacher’s lectures and display them on the white screens before the learner. A learner can receive education sitting in his house. All the educational institutions will come under a good network system. The details of these institutions and their activities will be available on website, E-paper, E-book, Digitized pen, pen-drive, Laptop and other screen touch tools can be used in educational institutions. The Government must address the above issues effectively and efficiency in a transparent manner. The educated people of our country should extend their hands of co-operation to help the Government. If all the people come forward and help Government we shall be able to fulfill our dream of establishing “Digital Bangladesh”.

Business Sector: Business sector is a large and crucial sector which may be called the roof of the development of a country. So, It must be developed to tech our desirable goal “Digital Bangladesh”. All the financial and commercial sector, such as Bank, Insurance, Stock exchange, Private firm, Shopping malls have to be come under a good network system. Then the details information and the activities of this institution will become available on their website. As a result the mob of Bangladesh will easily get their desirable service. Buying and selling are the common matter of individual life. Everyday people go to markets or shopping malls to purchase essential things of everyday’s life. Also business man export and import the product through different complex system. If the computer network can be spread widely, businessman will be able to buy and sell their target product easily by online. Individual can purchase by making payments through credit cards. Thus person no more need to carry cash to the remotest regions of the country. If this system can be introduced in all financial and commercial sectors in Bangladesh. Very Soon Bangladesh will be able to become “Digital Bangladesh”.

Criticism: The promotion of “Digital Bangladesh” has received criticism and ridicule from many in Bangladesh. It is commonly believed that the word “digital” used by the ruling Awami League government seemingly refers to doing work in any relevant sector concerns of weather it is a goal or slogan. Although some scope exist for employment and income generation sectors like outsourcing, online retail and offering different public-private hybrid service though union information. Service confers have been implemented the economy at large has remained stagnant. It is alleged in reality, no significant development has taken place until 2015 and progress was slow. For example, the government planned to turn the office including the ministries through digitalized systems but until January 2015, the public offices were still the rural areas, electronic payment still lagged for behind, with only tk 6 core transactions a month.

Conclusion: - Bangladesh is a developing country. All the possibilities are favorable towards her. Time has come for Bangladesh to develop her information technology and to turn her “digital Bangladesh”. Bangladesh can help us to elevate ourselves as one of the developed countries in the universe by next decade. We need to bear in mind to be away from enriched information Technology means to live like a frog living in a well. We have to follow the developed countries in the advanced countries of the world so that we can get modern ways and strategies from them to bring about a revolution for our ICT based society. We have to have our all- out efforts to materialize our desired vision 2021 for our betterment and own existence.


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